Abela beauty facials is the perfect place to relax unwind & indulge with some well deserved pampering. Most of our facials include extractions & massage pending on your needs. 


We treat all skin types & for those that suffer extreme sensitivity & skin variations.


Feel free to let us know if you would like any special request.                                                                           

Treatment break down as follows;

Cleanse Choice of extra add on    
Skin analysis  Hand paraffin treatment $20.  
Exfoliation   $15.  
Steam with shoulders/massage      
Extractions Tired eyes boost $30.  

Mask, neck/shoulders massage

 Sothys Paris Skin Care    
Finishing product to end      
High Frequency treatment For calming/bacteria/reduce pore size $50.  
15mins Consultation Explaining the best treatment for your beauty needs.                      $20.  

Trudermal  LED Mask - REPAIR

LED mask helps target spots, blemishes, wrinkles & helps stimulate collagen & blood flow.  $30.

or as an add on with any facial $20.

Mini Facial - 30mins  

A facial analysis discussion involving cleansing, Exfoliation and Mask to end.  $55.

 Dermasweep USA Dermal Infusion  - 60 min

This medical grade system vacuums away the dead skin with action of a wand which stimulates blood flow, cleans pores and removes skin debris. Treats early signs of ageing lines, uneven skin tone, acne, photo damage, surgical scars, hyper-pigmentation and improves skin health. Includes extractions & steaming  *Single treatment $125.   

Premium USA Premium Dermasweep Facial - 60 min

A new triple action facial treatment ideal for skins that suffer from ageing, wrinkles, stubborn pigmentation, appearance of smooth flawless skin.

*Anti-Aging Nu Cell. *Skin Hydration *Acne/pimples *Red Carpet for flawless skin * Stubborn Pigment Illume treatment for pigmentation uneven skin tone.     *Single treatment $145.                                             

Laser Skin Tightening with Express Dermasweep    

A complete full laser & facial treatment for tired, sagging aged wrinkled skin, this will help improve skin texture and stimulate the production of natural collagen & elastin.  The benefits are flawless looking skin with no downtime resulting in smooth, firm glowing skin.   Results will vary with each client. 

*Single treatment $240.  (60mins)     Express Facial $170. (45mins)           

Diamond Microdermabrasion -  60 min

Diamond Crystals with smooth skin. No discomfort or nasty after effects. Results are instant.  Suitable for all skin types except sensitive skins, great for combating acne, oily, congested skins, dry flaky skin. 

 60mins ....$85.       40mins Express..$60.

Deep Cleanse with Ampoule Treatment - 60 min

To remove impurities and refine the pores, great for tired, congested skin, removal of blackheads, and a prescribed intensive ampoule complex & mask to end.  The skin is left feeling rejuvenated & radiant. $90.

Deep cleanse facial with Milia removal - 70 min

Incorporating & specializing in a deep cleanse facial with the removal process of Milia deposit removal followed by a mask, leaving your skin soft, smooth and supple. - $105.

Hydra Facial Treatment - 60min

This facial treatment will help protect, renew and help repair a dehydrated/dry skin all year round especially during the winter months. $110.

Comfort Sensitive Facial - 60 min 

This treatment is perfect for those who suffer from extreme sensitivity, redness, of the skin. This will help sooth protect and calm skin leaving skin silky smooth and comfortable.  $110.

Blemished/Pigmentation/uneven skin Facial Treatment- 60 min.

This facial treatment will help and reduce pigmentation, sun damage & uneven skin tone- Offering brighter & more radiant skin.  $110.

Collagen Anti-Aging Treatment -  60 min

An anti-aging facial which will help with fine lines and the benefits of glowing fresh skin and providing firmer looking skin. $140.

Teens Facial with High Frequency   

A facial treatment for problem irritated skins. Helps reduce red pimples, blackheads & oily skin. High Frequency to end which helps calm skin and reduces bacteria inflammation to the skin.

40mins .........$65.              60mins...........$80.

High Frequency Treatment Repair

Ideal for pimples, acne, dull skin & enlarged pores. 30min $50.

Male Facial  - 60 min.                

Whether working in an office or the great outdoors. This deep cleansing facial with removal of blackheads will give your skin clean ,fresh & smooth looking skin. $99.


                               *Intense Pulse light Photo Rejuvenation Repair*

                  *PIGMENTATION-BLEMISHED SKIN -BROWN SPOTS-CAPILLARIES-                                                         DULL SKIN- SUN DAMAGE*

This is an effective treatment for vascular lesions such as capillaries, surface veins, sun damaged skin, pigmentation and skin enhancement. By treating your skin with photo rejuvenation the appearance of your skin will give you brighter, flawless looking skin.  IPL is the best form of treatment with fast results.

The treatment is practically painless, non-invasive and doesn't require a lengthy recovery time.  It works by sending a broad spectrum of light into the skin, where it's transformed into heat energy and attracts itself to the color of the targeted tissue - this is then absorbed and destroyed without damaging the surrounding skin.

This treatment is best for light to medium skin types. Multiple treatments are recommended, this will vary depending on your skin condition.  Usually maintenance may be needed depending on your results and needs.


PRICE GUIDE ONLY……….start from

 Spot  $35.00





Cheeks, Nose, Chin


Full face                           




 Acne IPL Treatment

 Helps reduce blemishes and irritation by killing the bacteria created by oils and sebum. 8-10 sessions are required. ideal for teenager's skin.  See therapist for free consultation.


One Acne Spot $22.00
Nose From $44.00
Full Face From $99.00
Forehead From $60.00